Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Post 1 what about EDM 310

What I've heard about edm 310 from one particular person is pretty much all negative things. Things like workload of the course and the content of the course. So far those statements have been true but hopefully they will not hold up or this is going to be a long semester in this class. Every student has at least one class in every semester in their college career that they do not like. The reasons can vary from minor to major but whatever the case may be it is a obstacle that must be overcomed if it is a required course.

The fears that I have about this course are different now than what they were before the first day of class. The expectations are different than what I thought they were going to be. One of my biggest fears is lack of knowledge or experience in certain computer skills that I have or have not yet attained. My opinion I just don't think you can hold a person or student accountable for things that they are not previously taught before. Now that does not apply to every situation there are exceptions to every rule.

The comparison to any high school or college course I have taken ? There really is not one to compare it to. Yes I have taken computer course before in high school but the teaching method was totally different than this course. The classes would usually go something more of the lines of doing the work on the computer take a written test and then take another test on the skills you learned on the computer. While this course so far and it can change is read everything and then figure it out if you need help go to the lab.

The most difficult thing in this class I think is probably the group work distributing course work to every single member so it can be fair and not leaving one member holding the bag. Personally I don't like group work because there is a lot of things that are not in your control not that its a power struggle. It's the accountability of the other members to do their specific part of that assignment. All you can do is control your part and hope everybody else does theirs.

I would suppose the best way of addressing that concern would make it a priority on everybody from the beginning. Fairness is a big deal not trying to stab people in the back to jump ahead.

I don't really have any questions at this time but I'm sure there will be.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Practice blog post

  1. Early college career 2009-2011
  2. College career now Fall 2013-Current

I've lived in Semmes, Al my whole life a small city now but I still consider it a community it is just outside of Mobile. I graduated from Faith Academy in 2009 and attended South Alabama that Fall. I had no Idea what my major would be during that period. My parents got a divorce in 2010 which eventually lead me to withdrawing from the university the following year in 2011. A lot of the financial responsibilities fell on my shoulders to help financial support my mom and my sister was still in high school. I currently work in the surgery department at Mobile infirmary. Working their has shown me the great problem associated with overweight problems and obesity. I can relate to this people since I have dealt with this problem my whole life. my immediate family is either overweight or obese. The problems associated with this issue is not just performance but their is a laundry list of problems concerning this problem.

I was made fun of bullied etc during middle school and the majority of high school for being overweight. I want to make a difference in all the students in my classes so they do not have to deal with the same problems I had knowing what it feels like it is not a fun thing to deal with day in and day out dreading to go to school because of it. I know that stopping kids from bullying is not going to happen but I want to give them the knowledge and opportunity to change that. Hopefully being a Physical Education teacher I will have a impact on their lives to not only help them but they would make a difference in other peoples lives as well. A teachers responsibility is to do their job to the best of their ability and to lead by good example and high character traits. It starts with teachers at a early age and high school to make a difference. Having a mentality of oh well I'll still get paid it's just one student is not the way to go. Every student counts he or she will have some type of influence on their part in this world whether good or bad. I don't want to be the teacher that has a Negative Influence.

Sincerely, Chase Anderson

Roll Tide to a 2014 season